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June 2012
#Anonymous   #tutorial   #answers   
Anonymous asked: Can you tell me how to make a gif? Just tell me the program ( I'll use youtube video) and just advice. please.

We all use photoshop (different versions of it) and there’s 2 ways of making gifs with it, with clips and with screencaps. I can’t find a url for you right now because the one I had used the first time has gotten deleted and I don’t know of any good ones. It’s fairly easy. Coloring and making high quality gifs is the hard part. You can download coloring psds from yeahps and use them on your gifs to make them ~prettier. Um, I don’t know what advice to give. Just make sure the videos you’re using are good quality so that your gifs look good. I don’t know, sorry I couldn’t help you more :S

Edit: I’m just gonna give you a shitload of tutorials for gifs and how to make them more HQ/Anna

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February 2012
Anonymous asked: u can please make a tutorial on this post /post/17718943721 ? and i love your blog ! xx

uhm i’ll just make it really quicky.

this is how i made that one in particular, it changes from time to time though.

but ok.

re sized the gif to 160px wide(since it was part of a 3 row photoset)

re sized the canvas to 350px high I think

added a coloring 

added a layer on top of the top layer(beneath the coloring)

colored it with the same color as the background behind Tay

added a texture on top of the coloring and set it to lighten

okay so that was a quick tutorial of how i made that. might make a better one at another time. 

or some other tutorial if you want.

September 2011
#Anonymous   #answers   #tutorial   
Anonymous asked: Me fala como fazer Gifs? Que programa e passo-a-passo?

try this one




(if I understood right, you asked for gif tutorials)