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NIKA: Lyrically, you delve into what some might consider “dark” topics. As you once said: Sex. Drugs. Death. Religion. Does that all come from you directly?

MOMSEN: Well, those things are all a part of life, aren’t they? It’s not really a happy record; if anything, it’s sad. And the songs were co-written with Ben and Kato, but the words are definitely coming from me, and reflect my personal views on certain situations. I write about what I know, what I live, what I observe. Darkness is a subjective word; it depends what your viewpoint is and how you live life. 

Songs from Light Me Up (2010, UK edition) Part 2/3
Songs from Light Me Up (2010, UK edition) Part 1/3

We’re like ‘diamonds in the sky’ that is what we are told
No mountain made of money can buy you a soul 

Follow me down to the river
Drink while the water is clean
Follow me down to the river tonight
I’ll be down here on my knees

Why’d you bring a shotgun to the party?

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