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September 2014
#ask   #Anonymous   
Anonymous asked: do you have the link of far from never live? xx

here - it is just tonight originally, though.

July 2014
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Anonymous asked: do you know what the setlist is for the going to hell tour?


July 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: Do you know of any intervies Taylor has done talking about the meaning of her songs or just about her music instead of focusing on her role on gossip girl?

Taylor doesn’t really talk about the meaning of her songs. She says she doesn’t want to ruin the listener’s imagination.

She’s only talked about what MMWD, Miss Nothing, and Why’d You Bring A Shotgun to the Party? 

MMWD- she said is inspired by the Romeo and Juliet type of love story. Miss Nothing- is about losing your mind after the death of a lover, and Shotgun- was inspired by school shootings.

In terms of interviews where she talks about her music, that’s in every interview. Idk what you’re really watching then, you must be looking at her 2009 interviews or something. She doesn’t get asked much about GG anymore so.

June 2014
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Anonymous asked: does taylor or tpr have an instagram?
June 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: haha thank you!! (i'm the anon from before haha sorry for so many questions i'm rly excited) did your photo turn out well? xoxo

(I would suggest turning flash on if you use your phone, I always forget to do that)

June 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: i just got vip tickets to her tour and i was wondering if you knew anything about what that would be like? do you get to talk to taylor momsen (and the rest of the band) at all or do you just stand in front of a table she's at and take a photo with the band? just wondering! (and love your blog) thank you xoxo

It’s mostly standing in front of the table and taking the pic lmao.

I mean you have them sign something first and you can talk real quickly during that.

If you’re assertive and have something good to say, you might get more time. Last time Taylor just kept talking to me, but that’s because of what I brought up. Like the person with the camera is gonna be rushing you and telling you okay let’s the pic now…just keep talking until he gets really serious about it lmao. You’ll get more time that way.

Anonymous asked: have you met taylor?

Nandi has met Taylor a lot of times, like 8 times 

Anna met Taylor on the last tour

Adriana has met Taylor a lot of times also, around the same amount as Nandi

Daphne and Olina will meet Taylor this September with Nandi 

(not too sure if our most recent members have)

June 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: Is Taylor friends with anybody from gossip girl I know this question has probably been asked a lot sorry

She’s really close friend with Connor Paolo. He goes to her NY and LA shows and has been in the background of some TPR music videos. I saw him at the last concert I went to.

She was always really close to him because they went to the same school. Then & now.

June 2014
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Anonymous asked: do you girls have a tag so you reblog what the other blogs post?

We don’t reblog from other people. We only feature work from our members.

May 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: the mv of fucked up world are done?

Done filming yes, probs still editing though. 

Anonymous asked: How old are the members ?

Nandi is 18.

Daphne is 18.

Olina is 17.

Adriana is 21.

Anna just turned 11.

Kammy is 17.

Sylwia is 17.

Don’t know the ages of our new members though whoops. 

March 2014
#Anonymous   #ask   #answers   
Anonymous asked: what is the song where did jesus go exactly? i've seen stuff about it, but it was never on an album? and where can you find a good quality download of it?

Oh honey. If you don’t have her (I say her because it was the old TPR band when she recorded them) demos, then you have been missing out (I hope this doesn’t come off as mean)

I’ll make a post right now with download links to all of them. Hold on! 

July 2013
#Anonymous   #ask   
Anonymous asked: I think you've done an amazing job when you added Quinn and Kammy to the blog their gifs are awesome but i don't see the point for Julia... she never post, and theres lots of other peoples who'd wanna be a part of the blog. Shes like a ghost user

We’re aware more people want to be a part of the blog, and we truly appreciate it. I think that’s great you care so much, so thank you. We just aren’t accepting new members right now, I’m sorry. I really do feel bad. Maybe in the future.

As for Julia, well summer just started for most, so people have been busy with school etc. Maybe you’ll see some gifs from her soon. We’ve all been ghost users at one point. If anything becomes a big problem though, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

June 2013
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Anonymous asked: ''i go down on you so slowly'' wait theres no such line in the song!!
June 2012
#erro-mortal   #ask   #answers   
erro-mortal asked: Where do you find these themes of Taylor Momsen?

It’s not a Taylor Momsen theme. It comes with the option of a header and you have to make your own.